Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easter is Coming !!!!

Happy Wednesday !! :) I have been having fun working on Easter stuff this week and will be listing those items on my Etsy and Ebay in a few days. I am working on a few favorites from last year, as well as some new designs. I will give you all a heads up when I list them. :)

These sweet eggs are made from REAL eggs and is an original design of mine. It came out of a love for the old sugared eggs that we recieved as children. I did a tutorial last year on how to make REAL sugar Easter eggs, you can go HERE to see it. I sold over a hundred of these faux ones last year and was almost sick from blowing out all of the raw egg !! lol !!! This year I have done a few at a time so that it wouldn't be so overwhelming. :) Aren't they sweet ?????I even put a few on boxes. I LOVE these. :) Easter has the BEST colors I think. So Happy and light. My home is decorated in soft Easterly colors year round. I am a lighthearted person for the most part and love light, soft, sweet colors. :)

I also am making a few more of my Nesting Baskets. These are one of my favorite designs ever !! I Love Robin's egg blue, and have touches of it throughout the house.
More Cross cookies, and other sweet treats.

And I will be listing a few of my Sweet Bake Shoppe Girls.

This one is "Marie, Queen of the Roses"Look at her sweet scalloped dress.
Roses on her crown, and pretty glass glitter.
These are truly a labor of love. I have handmade their dresses, hairdo's, crowns and mini cakes. I think I just needed to justify time spent playing with dolls, lol !!! :)

I found this beauty last Saturday when we were out thrifting. Isn't it gorgeous ??? I think I will put it on Ebay this weekend for sale. I REALLY have too much stuff !! :)

And lastly, I thought I would share a craft project I did this week. I have been trying to recycle more and since my Hubby is a Chili-Oholic, I have lots of cans. So, I pasted a bit of Vintage wallpaper on them, added bows, a few jewelry trinkets and now they are handy storage catch-alls for my craft room. You could make them very elaborate, or very simple like mine. Also, you can spray paint them first if you want the insides colored. I kinda liked the silver, so I left them alone. I am working on my craft room this week, and hoping that my Hubby is up to painting it for me this weekend. :) I am doing the walls in a soft white. With Aqua and roses fabric curtains. I bought all of the fabric and paint six months ago, but you know how that goes right ? lol !! I seem to be losing more time as I age. :)
Well, That is all of my hump-day stuff :) I am feeling better this week can you tell ? :) lol !!! I hope that each of you are Happily excited and getting geared up for this most Wonderful of Holidays too. :) After all, He Arose on Easter , and with that , He gave us all Hope. Hope that what He said was truth, Hope that He is everlasting and His love for us is everlasting and Hope that we too can spend eternity with The One that loves us most. :) There is a lot of meaning in that word, H O P E, Now, who wouldn't be Joyous about that in these most uncertain times ?




Connie said...

Girlfriend, you ARE NOT SUPPOSED to be blowing out eggs again!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, you got sick last year from doing that?!?! Hmmmmmmmm, chickee????? Now stop it and rest. But they are gorgeous, honey!

Heather said...

very pretty and cute things! definitely let everyone know when you add any of them to your stores :)

SherryRoseBella said...

You are so amazing, Rhea! Here you are, as sick as can be, & you are already making Easter things. I can't wait to place my order, though!!! Please don't over do and get yourself even sicker, sweet girlfriend!!
love & hugs,

TattingChic said...

Your Easter goodies are all so adorable! Look at those porcelain egg stands...sigh...
I'm in love with all your faux easter confections! So precious! :)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I'm with Connie, stop blowing out the eggs!! Love all the faux foods and those dolls are just awesome!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Joy said...

Everything looks like a dream, Rhea. Love those little dolls with their teeny tiny cakes!

Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

Lady, you are so creative! What a great idea for the cans and I love the goblet!

The Urban Chic said...

Rhea, I could sit for hours just staring at your beautiful things. Your talent is amazing and I hope some of that can rub off on me. Wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful are just some of the words that come to mind. Hugs, Pat

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness. They are sooo beautiful!!! I'm glad you are crafting!!! Laurie

Suzie Button said...

I LOVE< LOVE, LOVE your eggs! I've always wanted to make the sugar eggs, but never have! I want some of these! I didn't catch when you'll have them on your etsy? Really beautiful! Suzie

Jean Tuthill said...

Everything you do is so pretty, I love it all! This year I'll be watching to see when you post the stuff on etsy, and I hope I can get something!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely Love the colors that Easter brings. After a long NE winter it is much anticipated!! Your Post is Beautiful!
Love, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I was SO glad to see you back, filled with projects and enthusiasm...I always start praying for you when you haven't been blogging!
Suz in the Tules
Dayton, NV

Debbie @ said...

Wow Rhea such loveliness makes me want to pull out all my craft goodies and get busy makin' something! What a beautiful post and what gorgeous creations! I especially like the little eggs and 'He is risen' sign. Wow! too cute!

Stephenie said...

You're so talented. I just love all the sweet treats. The little dolls are so cute with those teeny tiny cakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Rhea,
I just clicked on Cindy's Romantic Home mosaic on the faux bluebird sugar cookies and here I am!! I LOVE your creations! I was wondering if you'd be offering the bluebird cookies for sale because I'd REALLY like to buy some??!!

Karin from Michigan

vickie said...

Rhea, everything is so pretty, as always! Love the dolls and the sweet chicks with hats!

Sharon said...

This is a beautiful post, all your creations are so pretty and fresh looking just like the first flowers of Spring.

MARIA said...

Good Morning, dear Rhea!
Good to know you feel better.

You are great, artistic soul!

And thank you for recipe for sugar egg. So nice!
It is great. Beautiful!

May the Peace and Love of our Lord be with you and your family today and always!

Betty Jo said...

Your blog is gorgeous! My coffee has gone stone cold while I've been pouring over your beautiful posts. ♥

Lee Laurie said...

Everything is so beautiful! I love it all! The little dolls are just as precious as can be!
Lee Laurie