Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vintage China and Trash to Treasure

Well I am FINALLY organized enough for once to play along for Show and Tell Sundays hosted by Analise and Cerri. Yay !!! Here are a few of my pretty vintage china pieces. I have a ton more, this is an area of obsession in my life. :) I have it everywhere in my home in every room. Yep even the bedrooms and bathrooms. :)
The ones above are mostly Austrian, while these pretty white ones are German.
" Give us this day Our daily Bread" Hangs in our bedroom. Love it !!
I found this little tea set for $15 years ago. Score !!! And I already had the little plate. These are on my Bathroom vanity. I Love wild roses !! :)
I also love pretty violets !! A few of these are Nippon, from Japan. I have an extensive collection of Nippon which I will show one day. They are very sweet with their creamy white centers and pastel rims. The two on the right are the Nippon's.

I would have loved to show it all, but there were a few other things I wanted to share this week too. Firstly this Pretty journal. I Love, Love, Love the colors. :) I painted tiny little forget me nots to match the prints. :)

I made a few more nest baskets for Etsy. I sold most of them, but have two left. :) Cute !!!! :)

This was my trash to treasure project for the week. I found two vintage spoon racks at the thrift store and painted them to display vintage hankies on. The one with the roses is for ebay, and the other one is for me. I have several of these hanging about the house and just love them !! Mine were all full, so I needed another one. Look, I can buy a few more hankies now !! hee hee !!

And finally, I must share what I won in blogland. A sweet lady named Kelley at Tea Cup Mosaics made this AWESOMELY sweet birdhouse and I WON it !! Can you believe that ??? This is SO terribly sweet !! I LOVE IT !!!! I owe her a long thank you note, and a virtual HUG as this is the nicest thing and I am so incredibly Blessed to own some of her amazing artwork, you have no idea !! Thank You, Thank You Kelley !!! Please go by and check out her amazing artwork. I totally admire and love Mosaic work. It is such a beautiful Art Form and she is top notch at it. :)

Well, thats it for now. :) Hope you all are having a Blessed Holiday weekend. :)




Connie said...

Everything is just gorgeous! And, of course, everything you paint is exquisite!!!

Jessica said...

I love what you did with the spoon racks! We have several holding spoons, but I think the spoons are going in a box and the hankies are getting their turn. Thanks for sharing your beautiful things!

celestina marie said...

Hi Rhea, your collection is out of this world gorgeous!! I love the tea set. Congrats on your win of the sweet mosaic birdhouse. That is just fantastic. Best wishes for a Happy Memorial Day!
Celestina. la rea rose

Sharon said...

I'm a big fan of rose pattern plates but those sweet violets really speak to me, something about the calming color.

Love how your hankie holder turned out, it's lovely with your beautiful roses.

Stephanie said...

Oh Rhea, what gorgeous pieces you have!! I am especially enamored of your Nippon!!! Can't wait to see more ~ if you dare ~ ya know I do have your address!! :0)

Love your new journal, the hankie holders, & oh that sweet little nest, too! Everything you make is sooo very special!

Happy holiday weekend!

BTW, I'm playing Show & Tell, too. Hop over when you get a chance!

Love yoU!
Angelic Accents

Rosalyn-Sue said...

So very happy to read your blog! I am amazed at your trash to treasure project! The show and tell pieces are just beautiful, as well. Can't wait to see more...thanks for sharing!



Elly said...

What a beautiful post!!! I really love your china! And that journal is sóóó gorgeous! Just like the 2 spoonracks, they had a great make-over. TFS!
Have a nice sunday!

just being crafty said...

Beautiful China!!! And I love the spoon rack holding the hankies. Thank you for sharing!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! good idea for hankies!!

rosechicfriends said...

Rhea...Oh you know I am coming over to get those handpainted plates...just love them all!

And...that tea set is 2 Die 4!!!!


Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey cute girl!!
wow everything is just gorgeous!!
love it all.

Mya said...

Beautiful, beautiful dishes. Love the mosaic bird houses too.

FeeBee Louweez said...

Love love love that violet collection. And your idea for a hankie holder is great!

My Arts Desire said...

I am filled to the brim with admiration for your china and talent. Okay. Perhaps a drop or more of covetousness as well. What a beautiful blog!!! Thanks for blessing my day with such shared beauty!

Cathy said...

Adored it all Rhea. I too am a birdhouse collector and a bone china collector. I felt right at home reading your blog. I loved it all, especially the Trash to Treasure. I saw that in a magazine awhile back and haven't made one. Yours came out gorgeous. AND THAT JOURNAL! 2DIE4. I saw it on Etsy yesterday. It's probably gone by now!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

That spice rack with hankies!!!!! Wow! Was that your idea?
Your china collections are just wonderful.

Dawn said...


rosabeer said...

What a beatiful china, I love the roses on it because I collected it myself but the violets are gorgeous too.
And the hankie is beautiful also, I think everything looks nice.
Greetings from Holland.

tiffany~shabbyscraps said...

everything is spectacular! I especially love the journal...
xo, Tiffany

Karen said...

I love Nippon too! The floral detail is always so realistic. It is hard to beat :). Your pictures are stunning.

Karen at Ciderantiques

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh Rhea! I collect rose china too. You have some beautiful plates!
I am kicking myself in the bootie today. I saw a spoon rack yesterday at a yard sale. If I had seen your hankie holder, I would have bought it. What a fantastic way to display them!!

Cami said...

Okay, the spoon rack makeover put me over the edge! YOU ARE TOO COOL! Love what you did!!! Love the nippon too. I have a few pieces from my mother.

Anonymous said...

your spoon racks are soooo beautiful, i love these!And your dinner ware is great too!

Carla said...

Your flora china is lovely--I especially like all the violet pieces together. Good idea for displaying hankies.

leesiebella said...

Hi Rhea!

Wow, such a beautiful collection you have! Your painting is just amazing as well!

Always love your pretties!


Alison Gibbs said...

What beautiful china and such a clever makeover of the spoon racks.

The Rose Room said...

Lovely china Rhea. I really love what you did with the spoon racks, clever! I am having a party, come visit:) Rachael

Anonymous said...

Rhea oh my talk about amazing wow I just love everything - it is all so precious!
hoganfe handbags

Lori said...

Rhea, as always everything is truly gorgeous...your collection of plates is so so so pretty...i LOVE the spoon rack makeover and how fantastic do the hankies look hanging there, delightful!!!

Wanita said...

Everything is beautiful! I especially like what you did with the spoon racks. You are so talented.

Sarah said...

I just wanted to tell you that you have a very lovely blog. I have taken some time to look through it and I enjoy your photos and inspiring words.

Secondhandrose said...

Wow, I didn't know you had so many pretty dishes! I need to catch up I think. Your hanky rack is so pretty but no surprise as everything you make is just the best!

shirl said...

Rhea your china is all so pretty, I especially loved the violets. Your spoon rack came out beauitful and I love that journal. Congrats on winning the birdhouse. I can't wait until my little basket comes!

vintage paper bella~andrea said...

Your blog is so pretty~ I love the spoon rack..hankies shoul be used for decoration~

Alisa said...

I love, love, love the pretty little violet ones! And your hankie holders are great!

Miss Sandy said...

Ahhh, I think I have gone to china heaven! Love the trash to treasure! This idea may just show up in my house too! Such a clever and creative idea! Thanks for sharing!


Rhea, everything is just too beautiful. Your work is divine & I adore all your pretty china. Bit of an obsession with me too, love the Nippon, such pretty violets. Now I am wondering why I ever got rid of my old spoon racks.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh I love your hankie holder!! How clever!! I have spoon holders AND hankies, now I just have to paint them. Thanks for such a great idea!!
The birdhouse is adorable, lucky you!
I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and all your beautiful painted creations. If you should ever decide to sell a how to video showing how you paint roses, I'd love to buy one.

Those gorgeous rose dishes just made me drool, I have collected a few also. Would love to see how you display yours.

Everything you do is just wonderful. Thanks for such a fun place to visit.


Roxie said...

Wow, your collection of china is gorgeous! So many pretties in this post, I'm drooling at every turn.

TattingChic said...

Wow, your vintage roses china collection is exquisite and the mosaic birdhouse you won is adorable! I love your idea for the spoon racks to display vintage hankies on. I have a collection of vintage hankies with tatted lace edgings on them and that would be a beautiful way to display them. What a wonderful idea.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Rhea! My goodness, you are so very talented!!! That journal is so beautiful to me! Thank you so much for visiting me and your sweet words about my blog. I will have to come back to visit and see what treasures you are creating!! xxoo, Dawn

About Me said...

Love your collection! Especially the purple flowered china. Thanks for sharing. Take care. Di

Paula said...

Dear Miss Rhea,

Thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind words of encouragement! The Lord used you to bless me and I thank you so very much!

Your blog is so beautiful, and I love your pretty header. You are so very talented, and you paint beautifully. The Lord has given you a gift for painting!

All your dishes are just gorgeous! I love to collect and use old dishes, they look so pretty and cheerful throughout our homes.

I love the beautiful journal you made, the colors are so sweet, and I love the border you painted around it. The little nest baskets are adorable!

Your idea for the spoon rack is wonderful! I collect vintage hankies and this is such a creative way to display them.

I am so glad you won the beautiful mosaic birdhouse. It is so pretty! I do look forward to visiting your lovely blog again soon!

The Lord bless you sweet lady!!!

vickie said...

The plates are just beautiful Rhea, I love the journal and your prize mosaic birdhouse! Lucky lady!

LW said...

Everything is so lovely...
I just adore your rose plates..
and the hanky holder is such a clever idea...and very pretty..


Lolly said...

Hey, girl! Your plates and china are stunning!! I love the journal you created! You are so talented!!

Bebe said...

Hi Rhea,
Love, Love, Love those beautiful floral plates you have! So sweet, feminine, and delicate! You have a wonderful collection!

Thanks for coming over to visit with me on my blog! I'll be back over from time to time to see what gorgeous things you have found and created!

Smiles, Bebe :)

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hi lovely Rhea! All so beautiful, just like everything you do! Great ideas too!

Pearl Maple said...

Voilet china is beautiful and your painting on the journals is a perfect addition.

Hankies will really be able to steal the show though now that you have them out on display, what a perfect use for that spoon cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post - I love what you have done with those spoon racks - so clever!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Your china collection is gorgeous! I love your hankie holder too!