Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy, Busy Bee !!!

I have been a busy Bee the last few days. :) Kind of back to my regular pace. Still have the pain, but I have been in such a mood to paint lately, that I am being bad, working long hours and not resting. Naughty !! lol I go through stages with painting. I started selling on ebay about two and a half years ago, and in that time I have listed between 4-10 items per week on average. Added up, that is a LOT of painting. Some weeks I can hardly look at my paint brush, and then others I cant paint fast enough for the ideas in my head. My Etsy stuff, the paper crafts is Always a joy for me. To me it is Fun, Fun, Fun !!! I never get tired of glue or glitter. Speaking of glitter, look at the little glitter shakers I painted for myself this week. I bought them to sell, and then decided I needed them. You know, NEEDED them. lol Like my life was somehow incomplete without designer shakers. lol
I LOVE these pretty jars !!! One of those things I should keep, but am selling. I love this shade of aqua. I cant seem to have enough of it around me. It is such a serene happy color.
Not sure I like this tray or not. I do that a lot. I paint something that I just LOVE and hate to part with, and then it barely sells, and then I paint something that I think, well, its OKAY. And then people fight over it. I guess I have no taste. lol. I think it is important though as an artist to always try new things, and to be open to the creative process. Even if you are hating the direction it is going. I am just not Loving this tray. I guess we are our own worst critics.

However, I LOVE my new " Baby Cakes" cupcake. EEEEK !!! This is cute !!!! :)

I made a special order for a sweet lady this week. She wanted a nesting basket. The sheer pastel springiness makes me happy. :) ( I have 6 more almost done, just need the final touches )

These lamps were fun to redo. I just love recycling old stuff and giving it new purpose. Silly me, I forgot to take before pics. I have had these in the garage forever waiting their turn. They were pretty cheesy looking, let me tell ya. There was ORANGE paper on them. lol Yuck !!! There was an orange paper circle in the centers looked like a big ugly 70's orange bullseye. lol I think they look much better. :)

More Birdage. Love sweet birds, houses and nests. :) I think because birds are so cheery and that is my nature. I am happy for the most part, sing while I am working and love my nest.

Ok, enough weirdness. lol.




Stephanie said...

Rhea, what a pretty post! I can't decide which thing I love most! High on the list of what I love most is your cheery attitude! :0)

Gotta love that pink bling on the birdhouse! Hmmm, that tray....have you checked your auction? Nah, I don't like it either. Tell the other girl who is bidding against me how yucky it is!! :0)

Love ya,
Angelic Accents

Alison Gibbs said...

Rhea thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments.
Wow you have been busy.
I love your cute cupcake baby. So gorgeous.
Take care

Sharon said...

As always everything you make is just beautiful. I love the idea of using those little salt shakers for glitter, grand idea! You deserve to keep something once in a while. I'm trying to think of a place for those little jars with the aqua lids, so pretty.

Charmingdesigns said...

How yummy!! Everything is so beautiful! You have been busy! Laurie

Trish said...

Oh, Rhea!! That tray is gorgeous and those lamps! What a talent you are! I haven't been to my e-bay for a while, but I'm headed over there next. I love, love, love your work - but get some rest!!

Lori said...

Rhea, everything looks SO pretty...i really love that sweet cupcake!!!

Vintage Tea said...

Baby cakes is sooo cute!!!

I love the tray... think it looks great!!

Victoria xxx

Lori said...

Rhea, Such absolutely gorgeous gems!! Love the cupcake and baby!!! And your plat is so special! With so much going on I wish I could just shop till I drop with you. But sadly I will have to wait! Have a rosey weekend! Lori

She'sSewPretty said...

I love everything!! I wish I could paint roses as well as you do!

Connie said...

Lovely!! I think I'll do it also with some salt/pepper shakers. Funny, just last night at dinner I was telling hubby that I wasn't too crazy about some new rose salt shakers I had and was going to use them only for company. They didn't "salt" well for me so now I can just paint some new ones I'll get at WM or dollar store and they'll be both pretty and practical!! So glad I stopped in today!
Smoochies my sweet chick,

linnea-maria said...

Wow! you are such a great romantic artist! I love your rosepaintings. I will promise myself to buy one of your etsy listings! Have a lovely weekend and dont forget to rest! /linnea-maria

Monica said...

busy bee indeed!
I love all your treasures! Especially the shakers ...from drab to fab7!!!
Havew a wonderful weekend and thanks for your sweet comments today :)

Secondhandrose said...

Rhea, I love the baby the best. Or maybe the salt shakers. or maybe the birdhouse.....oh well , I love it all.

TattingChic said...

Rhea, ya wanna know something funny? I was over at your blog taking a gander when you left a comment on my tatted pillow over on my blog at the same time! I'm lovin' it over here so pink and pretty and shabby chic and I love the faux desserts as I do cake decorating. FUN FUN FUN!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

You are truly gifted girl!!
i love it all. love the cupcake baby. and the sconce the best.

Lori said...

Rhea, I just all your pretty birdhouses, the tray (yes, I love it), the cupcake baby and my favorite - the aqua lid jars! Your roses are so sweet! I long to paint roses like yours!

I just discovered your blog... I'll come back soon. Great eye candy!!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Rhea,
Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a cute comment. It made me laugh!

OH MY goodness!! You have such a beautiful blog. It's definitely going on my favorites list and I'll be visiting you often.
Patricia :o)

dede warren said...

You do BeAuTiFul work! Everything is so lovely and delicate.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Rhea! Your painting is incredible! I love to paint but have a long long way to go to reach your level. Your flowers are so sweet, I love everything and the tray is gorgeous!
Hugs, Sherry

rosechicfriends said...

Rhea...of course I ADORE everything your creativeness does! You have such a special gift and eye for the most unusual and creative ways to do things. I treasure you and always love to see what you are up to!

Love ya...wish I could heal you sweetie! But alas, GOD uses us despite our physical conditions, right? lol


Sandy said...

I LOVE your style girl! The baby cake is FABULOUS! I want one!! Please e-mail me!

Sandyxox said...

A busy and talented bee!

The Rose Room said...

Weirdness???? More like GORGEOUSNESS! All lovely Rhea, even the tray LOL:) Rachael

LW said...

Beautiful items…
The baby cupcake is too cute…
Love the jars…love aqua..


Cathy said...

Rhea, thank you for your lovely blog post. I'm so glad because it brought me here to your beautiful new treasures. I've got to go check them out!

xoxo my sweet friend,


Bertie said...

Rhea, Rhea.....ALL lovely items!! I'm so glad you have the painting bug again, but try not to overdo. Remember how bad that was last time? Take it easy, kiddo. We want to see lots more of you and your "work". Such a talent you have, my friend!!

Aunt May's Cottage

Cami said...

:SIGH: You are good! I'm glad you're painting. Just don't overdo it. Your babycakes is precious and love, love, love your painted S/P lids. Cutest.

bee'nme said...

I just simply marvel at your talent and your yummy colors and designs, Rhea - stunningly beautiful, yet cozy and comfortable like a good friend. Your's is a warm and inviting place...I love coming here to drink it all in!

Hugs and blessings for your week!
Becky S.

PS - I'm gonne be contacting you shortly to inquire about some faux cupcakes a such...more to come...

Lib said...

What a Beautiful post!
I'm trying to catch up on blogging.
Hope your having a great wk.

shirl said...

Rhea what beautiful things you've made. The salt shakers are so pretty in the soft colors, the lamps are adorable, church birdhouse is so cute, cupcake baby is gorgeous, I guess I just love it all!

Alissa said...

Hey Miss Rhea,

What is up? Just thought that i would leave you a little message. Comment me back.


vickie said...

Rhea, I love everything, as usual! I especially like the lamps, they are so pretty! You have been busy!

Cathy said...

Sweet Rhea,

I received my perfectly beautiful, icy pink cupcakes today. I adore them. Sheer perfection, as always.

Thank you for your pink treats.


Freda said...

Oh gosh!! I just love all the things in your blog!! You are so talented!! May I know how could get the pretty pink and aqua jars?

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Such beautiful colors! I *love* those little shakers...incredibly sweet!

Pearl Maple said...

Pretty pretty post full of too much lovelyiness in all kinds of pretty shades of pastel.

Baby cakes is the cutest creation to be added to your long list of scene stealers.


Rhea, it is all soooo beautiful. Love the tray (so does Steph, hee hee). No, it isn't me bidding against you Steph! The little birdhouse is beautiful & I love all the colours you use.
Hugs, Coll :-}