Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eggs and a Movie

My son called and actually wanted to spend time with Mom. Do you know what a miraculous thing that is for a 23 year old boy ( um...., Man, lol ) to want to hang out with " Mom" ?? lol Well I dropped everything and went to see the Bucket list with him. ( Saw it with Hubby a few weeks ago, and loved it !! Cept for the few GD references, makes my skin jump when they use that word ) I had a bit of that popcorn. Yep just a bit. lol ( In case you are wondering about the casino background, most of the movie theaters in town are in casinos here ) I feel like another week has gone by and not much to show for it. I am trying to change my patterns and stay off the computer more so I can accomplish more. My art is not just a hobby, it pays some vital bills around here, and all those months of being ill has put us behind. So, I have to get to work. :) I have one more MRI to get through ( still a little pain ) and hopefully all is well. I painted this great box this week. This is one of those I want to keep. I am slowing re accessorising the house in this robins egg blue. I just love this color !! It sings to my soul. :)
Another sweet Bunny Box. :) Little secret. I had bought a bunch of gold foil bunnies at a local outlet store, Being the *nal perfectionist I am, I couldn't just glue them onto boxes, nope, that would have been too easy. So, PAINSTAKINGLY ( lol ) I picked off the foil that was GLUED onto the bunnies, piece by piece, until they were Neck-ed. lol And then I crackled them with white paint. I am far too picky and would get so much more done, but it has to be just so. You know ?? I know there are others like me out there, and yes, we probably need a self help group. :) Anyhow. That is how this sweet bunny box came to be. I have it here.
Now, the next part of my week was a bit yucky and sweet all at the same time. Yucky as in I sucked the raw egg out of 13 eggs. lol. And turned them into Faux Sugar Eggs !!!! How sweet are these ?? I listed some on etsy and they were all gone by the next morning, so, guess what I will be doing today ?? lol

Anyhoo, I hope you are having a great Week !!! I also hope lots of Valentines goodies find a way to your home. :) Hugs,



Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

An actual date with your son! WOW! That's great. Good for you, Mom. Love those sugar eggs and the bunny box is to die for. The blue color IS DIVINE! I think I'm finally back to blogging. Mom is slowly healing and we're on the right track. Thx for your prayers. Come by and visit. Kitty

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Miss RHEA..I love your things..the box is lovely!!!!
a great little treasure hider..and the eggs OOH
la la.

I agree, if son wants mom to go to the movies, DROP everything not collect $200. do not pass GO!!
and a lil popcorn..tis good for you!!
thanks for sharing. are beautiful!

Connie said...

Nekked bunnies!!! Oh my, that's just to startling to think of, sweetpea! Hah. But that box and those eggs are adorable!!!! What happened to your aqua color? I thought you loved that! But the blue is very lovely also.

Scrappy Jessi said...

o my gosh ! lovelies!! i want some of those darling eggs!!!
let me know when you re list them
happy valentines day!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

How awesome that your son wanted a date with mom! I love it. I will be the same way when my boys are older :)

Love the bunny so much!!!!!! and the box and the eggs. Everything you do is always beautiful Rhea! Just like you :)

Love ya,

Lori said...

a date with your son... that is so sweet:)
i love the goodies you are creating over here, the sugar eggs are TDF gorgeous and the bunny box is oh~so~sweet!!!
i'm glad you are keeping the lovely box, it's nice to make things just for yourself sometimes:)

Sharon said...

Sweet boy and sweet art projects. You know I'm looking hard at that box, one of my favorite collection.

Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

Er, you're supposed to blow, not suck the egg out. Ew! Now THAT'S dedication! lol
And, btw, they look absolutely fabulous. You did such a good job on them!

Monica said...

Awe I love that sweet bunny box!
So fun that ou and your son got to hang out ,what a good SON!
Too funny about the eggs, I had my HUBBY help me blow out a dozen last year and I painted and glittered them to put in a vase. Thats alot of work!
Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


Hi Rhea, don't think I have visited before. How did I miss all your gorgeous things? The Robin's Egg Blue box (my favourite colour), those beautiful eggs & all the rest. I will be back to visit again for sure.
Col :-}
PS: hope you didn't swallow too much raw egg - yuck!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Gorgeous pretties, as always. Oh I love that box. Nekked are too funny. That nekked bunny looks fabulous. The life of a perfectionist! There is always a postivie. The end result is amazing!

The Rose Room said...

What a wonderful son. I did the suck the yolk out thing last Easter, eek!!! Worth it though, your eggs are GORGEOUS. Happy Valentines Day:) Rachael

linnea-maria said...

Gee how lovely those eggs are! I understand that it was yucky sucking the eggs out. Ive been doing it self. Now that Valentines day has passed I will enjoy myself with the easter crafts. That boxes are just adorable. Beautiful painting. Hugs /linnea-maria

Devonia said...

hahaha, I could almost hear your son's embarrassed"Mom!" when you were taking the photo- toooo sweet! *I* have sons... Love the eggs, just love 'em and your box is gorgeous. Now I'm inspired! Thanks.

celestina marie said...

Rhea, spending the day with your son is always special.
Your new box is gorgeous and that aqua blue is fast becoming one of my favorites too. I hope you are feeling better.
La Rea Rose

Jeanne said...

Eggstra special.
Love Jeanne

Beautiful journal

Cathy said...

Rhea, Another gorgeous bunny box. I've got mine! Wahooooooooooooo, it's perfect in my kitchen and oh so beautiful.

I will be blogging it this week.


Lori said...

Rhea, I love your bunny box!! And those eggs are adorable! You are such a rose crafting Queen!!! Have a great week! Lori

Anonymous said...

Miss Rhea you have a handsome son! Those eggs are so precious!
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Esther Sunday said...

I am not surprised those eggs were gone! They are wonderful! Your painting is some of the best I have seen! You can see the joy in your painting - really! A date with your son? Priceless! Love, Esther

Stephanie said...

Can't beat a date with a hot younger guy, Miss Rhea!! Seriously, so sweet Jeff wanted to spend time with you!!

Love your Easter goodies ~ perfection from you as usual!

Big old hugs,
Angelic Accents

Natasha Burns said...

Rhea wow your creations are so beautiful!
Those are REAL eggs? Oh gosh! And that blue box, divine in every way!

Jean Knee said...

those egss are soooo cute

Anonymous said...

Love your blog.
Question: sucked the eggs?
No, no, m'dear.
You poke a hole in each end with a needle and BLOW the contents out.
I guess either way gets you a real red face, though!
Sooz in n. nv

Hummingbird Chats said...

The sugar eggs are so pretty, you do beauitful work. I love all the great pictures. Katie