Saturday, October 31, 2015

WOW, Has it really been over a YEAR since I last posted ? Gee Gaw !!!!! I have been spending a lot of time trying to navigate this New Life without my Beloved. And also trying to find my place in this world again. NO, DON'T feel sorry for me. I STILL have a very important Mission here on this earth to Complete, or I too would have been called Home like my Ed. :)  I wait, Anticipating those Words : "Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant" Until Then, I am afraid you all are Stuck with me :) :) :) Lol !! RIGHT ???? :) I adopted another Dog, although I already had two old ones. Nicky is TEN years old. I committed to Him, so that I could BE HERE and Be accountable to this life. Selfish on MY part, but This Little Man, has REALLY Blessed us all SO Mightily. Oh, Em, Geeeeee............ He is AWESOME and SWEET and fits right into the Dysfunction we ( Me and my two other Dogs ) ARE. If you can DO IT, PLEASE rescue, just ONE more. I Promise that YOU will be Blessed ( Just sayin' ).

And THEN there is This Little Man :) My Secret Asian man. :) :) :) Oh Em Gosh, LOVE my Little Peanut, My GrandBean, Mr. Nom, Nom, Nom's :) ( Nommy Nom's ) :) Why Nommy Nom's you ask ? Hmmmm. It is the WAY he Attack's Him's Bottle. :)  Ummm, Gurgle, Nom, Nom, Nom. :) My GrandBean. Mr. Kyle Antonio Flores Rumbo. ( When one is of Filipino decent, we always add the Father ( Grampa's name ) AnyWhoooooooooooo, Could SO NOT be MORE in LOVE with this GrandBean. :) He is "So FULL of Him's-Self", Lol !! And HE should Be, SO freakin' CUTE !!!! :) Mr Emotion. SO NOT like my Son at this age ( Mr Happy ) GrandBean, is ALL over this World, Full of Him's-ness, and SO....Ummm...Passionate about EVERYTHING, Like Him's Gramma :) ( Just sayin' ) :)

I ALSO, had another GrandBeanie, this last year. From my Godson. His Mom was my Very BFF. And the STUPID girl, killed herself many years ago. Her Son, Ricky, came and stayed with me Briefly. He just left last week. His 9 mo. old daughter drowned. We LOVE her and ALWAYS look forward to seeing, being with Her again. :) Love you Ash.....
I will leave you with a Bit of Pink, on Pink Saturday, and also the day before my 50th ( Did i just SAY THAT out loud ???Lol !! ) Birthday :) Sweet Beverly !!!!! Go say hello to her :)

So That is my Pink Saturday :)

Hugs and Kisses,


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Guess What?

I have a surprise. :)
Can you guess what it might be ?

Think you know yet ?


Yep, Our first Grandbaby is on its way !! Hoping to be here in February !!  Bittersweet without Grandpa here. But this sweet Baby ( Baby Bean :) ) is SUCH a Blessing, coming now. Giving me something wonderful to look forward to. Happy Day !!



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An Angel on my shoulder

Today I received a card in the mail from my local pharmacy. I have received lots of cards lately, but this one was rather unexpected. And at the same time quite wonderful.
 Ed always went in there to pick up our prescriptions, and every one he ever met was an instant friend. I loved that about him. Always quick to chatter, laugh or pray for someone. The few times I have been in there since he passed, there is always someone new to offer condolences to me. People I have never met, but people that he made an impact on.
What a testimony to his life, that he touched so many people.
I like to think of him at Our Lord's feet, praying for me and looking out for me. It brings me comfort and joy to know that he too, overcame this World, and now is with Jesus.
And I know that when I pray, he is still right along side of me on his knees, praying too.
Love NEVER dies my friends. It goes on and on, always growing, always hoping. Please take a minute today to tell the people you love how much you love them. :) Hoping that YOU are having a Blessed day!!!!



Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Clip Art Monday's 6/16/14

 Hi !! I thought I would start up Free Clip Art Monday's again. I get such pleasure cleaning these up and sharing with you. Hope you enjoy these. I would love to see any pictures of items you have created with these :)

More great 1800 & 1900's prints for you to use in your paper art, tags, embellishments, paper collage, etc., to sell or for personal use. Click on them for larger sizes.

PLEASE do not sell the photos as digital prints of any kind.
As always, I would LOVE to feature your artwork with my clip art :) Please let me know if there is something you would like to share :)

Happy Monday :)