Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Hubby and I went thrifting last weekend and I found LOTS of Yumminess ! I have REALLY missed thrifting and the Hunt for treasures and I guess I got BLESSED for having to wait so long !! :)
I Found Celadon ! Lots of pretty jadeite-y, celadon green goodness !!! Perfect for Spring !! I LOVE this chippy old basket. Perfect size and I love the shape. The old lamp is more minty and not as bright as the other pieces, I LOVE it too !!! I cant wait to find the perfect shade for it. Oooh, this old tin box !!! Sigh, isn't it SWEET ? I have never seen this decal either and the girl is so darling. Very Deco looking. I don't care for the handle and am pretty sure it isn't original, so I will rummage through my drawers and see if I have something better to fit it.
Sweet pink roses and pale green hand painted cups, and a soft green Mother of Pearl beaded necklace. Oooh, and check out these napkin rings ! I wish there had been more :( Have you ever seen antique pearls this color ? I haven't. I have seen newer ones that are dyed, but these are really different. The clasp is also carved MOP. If you know anything about these beads could you let me know ? I am always interested in learning the History and time period of a vintage piece I pick up. Now look inside the basket and see.........................Wee angels on on old greeting card eating cherries with celadon leaves ! Is that not the Cutest ??? I know, you are saying HURRY Rhea, tell us about that awesome vintage PINK ticking in the basket ! ( You were thinking that right ? lol !! ) That pink ticking is a zippered pillow cover and it had the oldest, yuckiest, drooled upon feather pillow inside. I tried bleaching the pillow. And GUESS WHAT ? Ummm... whenever washing something of questionable age that has FEATHERS inside, like a MILLION FEATHERS inside, wash it inside of a cloth bag. Because you might open your washer to find said MILLION feathers EVERYWHERE, AND, it might take you Most of an HOUR to pick out Said million feathers from the inside of your washer !!!! Sheesh !!!!

However, after every feather was out of the washer. I was then able to wash and bleach this YUMMY ticking. This was YELLOW and Brown when I found it. It SERIOUSLY looked like it was drooled on all over !! I wish I had taken a before shot ! It was SO dark and filthy dirty.

But here is the thing. I saw those sweet roses and just had to buy it and TRY to get it clean. I would NEVER have guessed it would have come out PERFECTLY with not One stain on it !!! And..............................It was $1 !!!!! So, I could have just tossed it had it not, but I am SO glad I didn't have to. I am not sure what I will use it on yet, but I am SO in love with this fabric !! It is nice and thick too, for an old fabric. I just love to rescue old things.

I also found an old 50's record holder. Isn't this awesome ???? Along with a much needed hand mixer. I hate pulling out the electric ones if I am just baking something simple :) A Cute Pink and Gingham basket for my craft room. Along with more storage ( once painted ) for paint bottles and glitters. That pink thing on the left is a necklace display. Neato-keen huh ?Two sweet samplers :) :)And lastly, a lone glass shade that I will have to find a lamp for but couldn't resist. I think I scored pretty big, doncha think ? It sure was fun, but it is HOT here already !! Yick, it was 93 on Sunday. Spring is almost over here.

I hope YOU had a Blessed weekend !!!

Hugs :)



Home and Heart said...

Choke, *cough* Sputter......Hubby and me went antiquing?????? That's even luckier than the gorgeous finds!!! LOVE that deco tin, and I got quite a kick about your feather story! Happy Spring!!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Wow, wow and wow again! What a haul. No wonder you are so pleased. Love everything but especially the cups and the fabric. And what about your weather we are ecstatic if it reaches 60 here at the moment!

debi said...

SCORE!!! Rhea, I don't think I've ever seen so much yumminess in one post!
You definitely hit the jackpot! I love all the pretty, springy pinks and greens. Y U M M Y

Kim said...

Oh My... You definately score big time on all that pretty goodness Rhea. So happy you found such awesome treasures.

Have a great day!!


Kim K. said...

I love everything. That tin box is just divine. And your basket is perfect for Easter goodies. Who would have guessed how beautiful your fabric would turn out!! You did well.

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Wow Rhea!! You found some fabulous treasures, and ya know they were just waiting for you to come and bring them home :) And yes, LOVE that pretty rosey pink ticking!! That was a huge score :) Sounds like you had a wonderful time thrifting ~ I'm looking forward to when Garage Sale time starts up here in Michigan, and I hope to find some sweet treasures waiting for me :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Karen Maggie said...

It's always such fun to find new treasures. You found some great items. Love your blog and your roses! Keep on painting!

Karen Maggie


Hi Rhea,
Yes, you did find some awesome and pretty finds! The fabric turned out perfect.
93..yikes that is hot and it's snowing here right NOW!!! Crazy weather!
I sent an email about the basket swap..need your help!
Thanks and have a great day!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Rhea,

Oh my you did score!! Love it all! Oh those sweet samplers are darling! Glad you found some treasures to make you happy sweetie! Hope you have a blessed Easter!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Wow, Rhea! You certainly were rewarded for somep'n!! Lots of neat goodies. And you pictured them perfectly!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Loretta said...

Rhea, your finds are wonderful. Here in Vancouver BC we do NOT have yard sales or thrift stores like the good old USA does. I'm glad you had fun. Today it is 44 F. It's very cold this spring.

Lisa Gatz said...

I especially love the square canister!

Beckey said...

Such wonderful finds! Congratulations!

LW said...

Wow, you did find some pretty things....
It is still cold here, it is like winter just won't let go..

Happy Easter,


Leann said...

Oh what fun a day spent junking with MR OP is one of my fav things to do. Looks like you have a gem of a hub too!

The new treasures? I'm drooling over everything!!!!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

mercedes scott said...

Girl, I'm worn out by all your shopping! You brought home some beauticious things! If I had to pick a favorite... probably the Art Deco-ish can... I love the artwork! Thanks for sharing and making us all green with envy :)

PeregrineBlue said...

OMG, you scored big. the story about the ticking made me laught laugh laugh but look at it now. impeccable finds. wish our GW carried good things, it's mainly junk these days. have to atart going to the Swap Meets and Estate Sales again.

Farah Muzaffar said...

Hello Rhea... big big wow ... what a great pale green collection you found ... marvelous .... basket, little lamp and I cant believe on hand painted cups... sooooo beautiful...
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Farah Muzaffar said...

great findings no doubt

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

So many beautiful things! I had a record holder very much like that one! I almost gasped! I love your blog...saw it mentioned on Jennifer's blog this morning! I'm going to put you in my favorites list! ♥

Sarah said... did amazing! Good for you! All your finds are beautiful and I like the shade and ticking the best!


linnea-maria said...

Your findings are just awesome!!! Love them all! Good for you to make all those findings after a thrifting break. Bleaching is really the saviour for old fabrics. I got a nice embroderied apron but the threads had loosed colour to the white fabric. But with just a little bit of bleaching the apron looked as new. Best wishes/Therese

Suz said...

Unbelievable! This is a tremendous haul! I don't think I do so well in a year. I am just totally gaga! I love that little tin so much the the glass shade of graduated!!!

Anonymous said...

MOP means Mother of Pearl.

So I think they are real pearls!

greetings from the Netherlands