Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Past

I completely forgot about the Craft along challenge I issued on Free clip art Monday's two weeks ago !!! Sheesh, I am SO sorry ! I was SO proud of myself too for posting every day too !! :) I will HOPEFULLY add Mr Linky to my blog this Monday in the hopes that you ( and I :) ) have made a cute something to share with the last group of Clip Art I shared :)

I thought I would share with you some of the Painted Roses I did a few years ago for Christmas. I have painted a tiny few this year ( I will share on Pink Saturday this week ) But nothing in the amounts I used to do years past.Thanks for indulging me. I know you have all probably seen these pictures a few times before, but I need to see them. I feel sometimes like who I am as an artist is slipping away as I am able to do less and less. NOT complaining, life IS after all a Journey. I feel not quite ready though to give up certain aspects of who I was Creatively. Although I know to be successful in life we have to go where it leads us and not try and root in somewhere. Here I am sticking my toes in the sand trying to stay put. Shame on me !! :) I hope that this next year I can do MORE artistically than less as Our Lord allows. Do you feel the great Rush of Joy when you are in the midst of creating something new ? I sure do. Beats any chocolate Rush, that's for sure :)

Well, a reflective Wednesday for sure. :)

Happy Hump day :)

Hugs :)



Vicki said...

Hi, Rhea, I never tire of seeing your beautiful art!!! I, too, hope you become stronger this coming year and are able to do more of what you really love. Wishing you the best best~love always~Vicki

Farah Muzaffar said...

Hello Rhea... No i didn't see anything before, I think all this beautiful stuff is before my blogging birth :)...
How cute little birdie home is. oh I love these one stroke tole painting you did... I also want to give it a try. may be some time... and love your little beautiful handkerchiefs...
I would love if you come and enjoy the fragrance of sweet potpourri heart at

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Rhea! I never tire of your sweet creations, no matter if I've seen them before or not! Sorry you had another flare-up.

I haven't put our big tree up yet....may not this year. I'd rather rock a baby than decorate these days....

BTW, I sooo love that candy cane striped snowman birdhouse!!

(Did you see my new header and tribute to you?)

Angelic Accents

Bluebell said...

Hello Rhea, I never saw these beautiful things before I love the snowmen they are so pretty, I love all of your stuff. I am sorry that you are feeling so poorly and I hope things improve after you have rested up. I know what you mean about creating things there is such satisfaction in making something beautiful. God Bless

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Rhea,
Your houses are so beautiful! I LOVE them! Your glittery snowmen are so cute and I love how you've used them to adorn your little houses! Very pretty post and thanks for sharing your stunning creations with me.

Christmas blessings,