Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giveaway Win from Meri and Happy Thanksgiving !

Well, Thank you SO much for prayers answered on my wee biopsy !!! It was canceled !!! Lol ! I have a mass growing inside my nose ( ewe ! ) and Dr was going to snip out a piece to biopsy. So, we went, waited for 45 minutes to see him, got my nose numbed with some Goo, (goo-goo-guy-pan really as my eyes crossed ) and then the nurse brought out a big ol' needle.

"Hmmmm, Whats that ?" I ask.

"Lidocaine" she says, Oh gosh, I think I am allergic to that I say ( No, REALLY I am, :) ) I had a Novocain, Lidocain or one of those shots once on a root canal and my heart beat out of my chest so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. The Dentist said that I am allergic to it. So, Dr comes in and I tell him, its ok, go ahead and snip. I don't need drugs. ( I DID have natural childbirth after all, sheesh ! ) I was having such a horrible Fibro flare AND Costo attack, leftover Flu, I figure what is a little more pain, right ?Wrong.

He says, "Well, I would rather reschedule till you find out WHAT you were given before that you were allergic to" Gee Doc, I'm willing !! Get on with it ! Then he says, well, its going to hurt, BUT the reason you will need to be medicated is if something goes wrong and I have to Cauterize you.

Ummmmmmm, Cauterize ???? Really ??? They still DO that ???

"Ok Doc, lets reschedule !!!!!"

Something about the word CAUTERIZE and inside my NOSE makes me rethink the whole Pain Threshold thing. So, That joy has been put off for another day :)

See what I won from Meri ?????? GEE GAW !!! Is she CUTE or What ????? I got to pick the image and I chose that sweet Blond girl and Poof !! Here she is !!!! ( Well, Poof for ME, but HOURS of intensive labor for Meri ! ) Thank you, Thank you Sweet Meri !!!!!!! I love her and you are Such a sweetheart. I am truly Blessed to own and original Imagimeri Sculpture ! I hope you visit her Blog, and her Shop and see how creative she is !!! :)

So many things to be thankful for this year, and every day. Friends like YOU, My Lord God, Salvation, My Family and my sweet husband who Right now is slaving away over the stove cooking our families Thanksgiving dinner to be taken to the In Laws tomorrow.

Seems Miss Big Mouth here, in a fit of good health a few weeks ago, volunteered to do the cooking this year. After one flu and the flare up from Heck this week, I begged for mercy from my sweet Man and he has stepped up to the plate ( as always :) ) He is even patiently putting up with my Bossy, perfectionist instructions without Glares, Pouts or curses :)
May Our Lord Bless You and Keep you in His Wondrous Love. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Families !!!!!

Hugs :) :)



debi said...

Rhea, your little blonde girl is adorable!

I hope you're feeling better soon.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

Oh my, what an ordeal!

I had my nose cauterized wayyy back in the day when I was a teenager and having nosebleeds. I think they froze it first, though.

My hubby had a big benign tumour growing near his ear. I'm so thankful it was found and removed about a year ago. It could've kept growing and pushed on his brain. Yikes! He only found it because he was exploring why he had ringing in his ear. I'm thankful for good doctors!

Well, I just rambled on didn't I? :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cindy said...

Oh Rhea..I use to work with a ENT..don't do it without pain killer..children can be born without it..not surgery in nose!!

We will keep you in our prayers..just let us know when it is on again.

Your statue is precious..isn't she talented!! LOve it.

Have a great day and I hope you get to feeling better.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

sonya said...

Oh Rhea, your sweet little girl is just ADORABLE!! Lucky you!
I'm sorry about your problem at the doctor's office. I'm allergic to lidocaine too. I was having trouble with spasms in the back of my neck, so they gave me about 20 shots (Not exaggerating)and I started having a reaction. It wasn't pleasant at all!
Wishing you many blessings for Thanksgiving.

Lisa said...

Oh lucky you!!
Happy Thanksgiving♥
Hugs, Lisa

Gayla said...

How cute... I hope you feel better soon... Hugs...

Aelwyn said...

Yikes, ick!

I've had "nubbins" (aka skin tags that have gotten out of control) removed and cauterized. It didn't hurt too much, but luckily with the CDPD (similar to your Fibro), pain like that is bearable.

Definitely get checked for med allergies!!!! As for lidocaine, if you're NOT allergic, have you heard of having it injected into trigger spots to help with pain disorders?

My pain specialist does that, and it works like a dream!!! If you're not allergic, look into it!

And good luck with your nose! My thoughts are with you for that one!

Nan said...

Inside your nose I don't think so you best be numb for that girl. yes go back later good plan. I hope the best for you on this procedure.