Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fleur De Bee's Crown Swap

I joined Molly's ( Fleur de Bee's ) Crown Swap this summer and was partnered with Sweet Breezy, The Pink Door . Breezy is the daughter of one of my Bloggy friends Dianne from Saturday Finds, and Just as talented as her Mom ! We were both really late sending our goodies ( ME REALLY late ) She had a baby, Baby Knox AND Moved to another State, during all of this, and I had my usual Health issues and my Mom's Cancer that filled my mind and time. Needless to say, the Crowns have been swapped, and Yippee !!!!

Yes, Yippee !!! She made me the most adorable crown, filled with lots of cute details.The Front left side has a Cute Pink Chick on it :) Pretty Millinery, a vintage pearl earring and pink roses trim. Yummy ! The Front top has "Queen Rhea" , Pink cameo, crown, feathers and more millinery.The front bottom is loaded with more vintage flowers and feathers, sigh.......The Front Right side is just darling with a tag of cute children !! Love that ! Beaded glitter trim, vintage green and yellow trim and more feathers. This is truly SO cute and I will cherish it Breezy !! Thank you !!!!!!

The crown had its own sweet hat box that it came in, see top right. And look at all of the other goodies she sent !Candy, soap petals, a sweet pink vintage hankie. ( There was MORE candy, but I lost it.....In my Tummy :) ) How special is this ? I just LOVE this little hutch !!! It is SO me. The chintz jar will fit right in with my mini tea items I am collecting to do my tree in. It is perfect !!! A wee basket of Sweetness. This baby doll was tucked into the old party cup with a few sprigs of pastel flowers and a glittered pink tree. :) A vintage satin hanger, pretty pens and a Journal to write in. Love, Love this old fabric bag for holding plastic bags ! The fabric is so 1940's !!!And one of my favorite things is this Pink Tulle Apron with pastel violet millinery sprays. Is this not the neatest ever ??? I Love it !!!Truly, Thank you SO much Breezy. You truly spoiled me and I am so sorry it took me so long. I Love it ALL, each thing was sweeter than the last and SO thoughtfully made or picked out for ME :)

A Big Thanks to Molly for being such a great Hostess as well :)

I will show you what I sent her tomorrow.




Aelwyn said...

Ooo--lovely! I just bought those pens for the Tea Swap I'm participating in!

sonya said...

Miss Rhea,
Such sweet treasures...I hope you enjoy them all. They are just wonderful and the crown is adorable too.

the enchanted pumpkin said...

those are so pretty! you always show us the prettiest things!

the enchanted pumpkin said...

hi rhea! thanks for your comment on my blog! that's so sweet of you to say the pie looks pretty! it always looks sloppy to me! my son is actually 7 years old and has autism and cannot talk. so we have a very rough time sometimes. i wanted to email you to tell you about him but the link didn't seem to be working for me. no worries probably just me. anyways big huggs to you!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Like those crowns!

The Rose Room said...

oh and what lovely gifts and crown you got back:) Rachaelxo