Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mining Miracle !

Well, even with the best of intentions I didn't get the tutorial finished this week that I had for you. Tune in next Tuesday though and I hope to have it done by then :) I promise it is Super Cute !!!! Had another Bed week.Were you glued to the TV this week watching the Chilean Miners come out, one by one ? Praise God Thirty Three times and another six for the rescuers !!! :)That last guy out, the rescuer was himself amazing !! He was the first one down that scary dark hole and the last one in that scary mine. It gave me the willies for sure !! I think it is amazing, that inner strength that we all have inside of us. So many times, we say, Oh, not me, I couldn't, or No Way would I have the strength to go through what some people have had to go through. But here is the Neat thing about Our God. Whatever fire we walk through, we will NEVER be alone. He will equip us for each moment of it. And sometimes it truly IS Moment by Moment equipping. Then it is Hour by Hour, then Day by Day and before we know, we are on the other side of it, looking back.What a Blessing it was this week to be witness to a Miracle ! A Happy ending. :)Well, My Mom had her radiation this week. It has given her lots of redness and swelling in her throat. And she can barely talk. But she isn't in pain, and I know that awful radiation is cleaning out that nasty cancer !!! She was quarantined, which stinks as I miss her. And today is her Birthday. She cant be within ten feet of anyone for several days, and then for a few more days she has to be more than arms length from people. She has a PET scan next week and that is where we will see how the chemo did, and if there is more cancer. Please if you will, keep her in prayer.Well, I leave you with this " Chi Chi Chi, Le, Le Le !!! Chi-le ! Chi-le, Chi-Le !!!! :) "




Linda in New Mexico said...

First Happy Birthday to your Mom. I'm glad she is not in pain. That in and of itself is a blessing.
Second, thank you so very much for the headers, etc. You are a dear to have even worked on them at this time.
Third....I know, I was thrilled to watch such a miracle of the goodness and tenacity of human kind. Instead of the usual ugly that we see on tv.
Be blessed and well, The Olde Bagg
psssst. come see the Halloween story the kids and I have done. Tah

Kim said...

Hi Rhea.. I agree, It was so exciting watching all the news coverage of the miners rescue. What a wonderful and happy day it was for them and their familes. Would love to have you pay a visit to my blog as I've created a tag using one of your clip art images you shared a while ago and would love for you to see it. Hope you are feeling better.

Take care..


Marydon said...

G'eve sweet Rhea ~ Please give your Mother our birthday wishes when you see her. So sorry you are all not able to be close for her celebration.
May she continue to be blessed with His healing hands ...

It was a Praise God Hallelujah ... all safe. God alone held His protective hands over each miner.

Hope you are doing well, Rhea. Hugs,
Have a great weekend!
TTFN ~Marydon

luckygirlgifts said...

Give mom big hugs for me.
thank God is right! It's amazing that they are all safe.
Have a lovely weekend
Cari b.
I'm having a giveaway that ends tonight, stop over and enter if you get time.

Kim said...

Hi Rhea... to answer the question you left on my blog, YES, I would be honored and thrilled to bits if you would like to share the tag I created using one of your images on your blog. I'm taking baby steps and am just beginning my foray into making embellished tags and it was great to be able to incorporate one of the images you so generously shared with us on one of your Clip Art Monday posts. Feel free to copy the photos of my tag to include on your blog.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Wonderful testament to faith (the miners). Happy birthday to your sweet mom ~ still praying that all goes well for her and she is soon restored to health.


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents