Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Hi !! Just a Quick, mid week post to show you, YES, I am working on Christmas here in the Sweet n' Shabby Cottage :) :)

The hard part for me was choosing the colors this year. Last year I used my Moms sweet pillow ornaments and soft pinks and aqua's. See here. I LOVE them, but Honestly, I loved them SO much, I left the tree up this WHOLE year, so that I could enjoy them. I added Valentine and Easter items to it as the Seasons changed. This year, I felt like MORE color. :) Since this tree is in the sitting room, and all pastels in here, I wanted to stay with my beloved pinks.

Now to choose. I admit right here for EVERYONE to know, I am a vintage glass ornament-aholic. No, there isn't a special self help group for people like me, but there SHOULD be. I went through 11 boxes of vintage ornaments and pulled out some of the hot pink ones. I had brought home ( a few years ago ) the coolest mica pink and aqua sputnik type as well, and decided they were my inspiration this year.

And here is a Peek at the Tree :) I will show the whole tree for Pink Saturday :)
My Pink Reindeer cried out to me to be on the tree as well :) Now, could YOU deny a Pink Reindeer anything ?
I was SO lucky to find two more of these this year ! Now I have 6. ( Sorry Cathy :) :) ) Also a few sweet friends Blessed me with a few White Reindeer with Pink ears last year :) Thank you Cerri and Sherry !

This little guy is new. ( Well, old, but new for me :) ) And my pretty Angel has taken a liking to him :)
Aren't these pretty ? I found these LARGE pink roses ornaments in the same lot as the sputniks last year. Yummy Pretty !!! And this sweet Nativity in pink :)

And of course, my FAVORITES, handmade ornaments that my Great Grandmother made, and a sweet pink Reindeer from my sweet friend Steph :)
So, that is a peek of what I am up to. I still am only doing a small tree and just a bit of decor this year. But I am loving every second of it :)

Hugs !!



Connie said...

Well, I'm just glad you can do something, sugar!! Those are adorable. I'm not sure I understand though. Did you paint them? Isn't it fun to decorate a tree in a shabby kind of way? My tree will be visible on 12/17 so be sure and drop by to see it because it has a couple of things that you sent me on it. I think you'll be please and love it, chickee! Merry Christmas to you and th' hubs (hunk). ;-)

Kim's Treasures said...

I love your tree and those sweet reindeer!

Lib said...

I Love,Love,Love your decorations!
Hope you and yours has a Very Merry CHRISTmas!
Have awarm and cozy wk.

Lori said...

Rhea, your tree is absolutely stunning!!! you are SO lucky that you have so many vintage ornaments...i am having such a hard time finding them here!!!

Annette said...

I LOVE all your sweet vintage ornaments and your sneak peek of your tree is gorgeous, I can't wait to see the whole tree! Hope your having a wonderful holiday season!

Cindy said...

Hi, Your decorations are divine. So so beautiful. I love a shabby tree.

Melissa's Cozy Tea Time Readings said...

What lovely ornies and tree! I put my pink and green shiney brights on one tree and did another in red, gold and white. I had to mix old with new but that's okay for now. Some day I'll have a white or pink tree like yours. Love the reindeer, too. Merry Christmas!

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

hi Miss Rhea, thanks for stopping by my blog. I came by to check on yours and what a surprise!! So nice to see you up and running!!! :) your friend with the critters...she is amazing, isn't she!! these are the cutest mice I have ever seen. I can't show them to my daughter she will want to make them all. As for smoke free - congratulations and praise the Lord!! You know I used to smoke too...and I quit many times but always went back. So I began praying and asking God to deliver me. Every time I lit a cigarette I would ask Him to deliver me from it. When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I lit a cigarette and the smell of it made me so sick that I puked. That was it!!! haven't smoked since (that was 8 years ago) and hate the smell of it. isn't God good????!!!! Anyway...may God bless you in an amazing way today!!! :) Tereza

WhineNRoses said...

You have beautiful vintage decorations!!
The pink reindeer is simply adorable!!!


LOVE your pink reindeer!!! I haven't seen any pink ones around here and of course, I'm with you on vintage Christmas ornaments!! My tree is also old ornaments.
Love the peek of your Chritmas tree!
Deb :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh...your tree is going to be beautiful...I can tell. I have a white tree too...can't wait to see the finished product!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

jen said...

Rhea~ LOVE IT ALL! the tree is just gorgeous. The colors and mica and some of my favorites too. So where is the sign up for the self-help group? So funny you said you left your tree up all year my husband said why don't we leave up all the decorations this year and keep adding to it and have a really Decorated house for next year LOL he's somethin' ain't he, just a big kid :) Anyway it's all gorgeous you did a spectacular job as always!

Vicki said...

Hi, Rhea,
Those vintage ornaments remind me of my childhood. Thank you for sharing them. The felt ornaments made by your sweet grandmother are my very favorites! Your tree is pretty as can be. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas. Vicki

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Rhea, I'm loving how your sweet tree is looking! Can't wait to see more of it on Saturday! I was lucky enough to find 3 reindeer at our antique mall here, but they were all brown. Those little pink ones of yours are fantastic! Glad you are still enjoying your little pink felt reindeer!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

twinkleshabbystar said...

Oh my heavens! I am DYING over your tree with reindeers! Sooo adorable!!! My heart stopped however at the handmade ornaments your Grandmother made. So delicate, dainty and pretty. I know you cherish them more than anything!!! Christmas blessings! ~*XO*~Jenn

Katie said...

Hi! How the heck are ya'?

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Rhea!

Thank you so much for coming by my Blog for a visit! It's lovely to meet you.

I adore vintage ornaments too and anything pink is totally my favorite. Your wee reindeer are sooo adorable!

I am following you now also and do come again for a visit!

Happy Holidays!
LuLu Kellogg~*

Sharon said...

These are just beautiful especially on a white tree.
God bless, and Merry Christmas!

vintagesue said...

it can't look any sweeter than that!!!!!!! loving that darling tree. thanks for sharing.

Suze said...

Your tree looks so wonderful! Love the pink reindeer, and yes they should get anything they want..their pink!
Your Great Grandmothers ornaments are precious. What wonderful keepsake.

Miss Sandy said...


Your decor is beautiful! I love all the vintage touches. I'd love for you to visit my post today as there is a surprise awaiting you there! Happy Friday!

Shari Replogle said...

Hello Miss Rhea,
I am in love with all of your lovely vintage ornaments! My collection pales in comparison. Thank you for your very sweet comments , and for visiting. It's nice to meet you too.

The Urban Chic said...

Rhea,thanks for stopping by. I can't wait until tomorrow to see your tree. I wish my mom had kept all our vintage ornaments, even though they were traditional colors. I loved the reflectors and the garland we had and all those old ornaments with the glitter all over them. I have found some of the plastic ones we had, but only 6. You and others make just beautiful detailed work and I am hoping that my creativity comes back soon. It fills like waiting for Santa to see your tree tomorrow. {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}Pat

Sandra Evertson said...

Just Gorgeous!
Happy Holidays!

A Hint of Home said...

All your decorations are so pretty! Love the pinks and the little reindeer.