Friday, March 20, 2009

Pink Saturday

Hi and Welcome to another Pink Saturday Hosted by the Ever Sweet Beverly !! :)

I am slowly dragging out Easter decor, and am working on my tree.

I got the CUTEST tags from Paper Bistro on Etsy and let me tell you, they are the most ADORABLE Happy tags !! Oh My !!! I didn't want to use them as tags as they are just too special and wonderful, so I bought them to hang on my tree. Cute huh ? I ordered a set of three chick tags and three egg tags, and wish I had ordered more !! :) She is the Sweetest lady too and such a Pleasure to purchase from. :)

Sweet Pink Dolly :) I think she is an Ideal doll named "Boopsie" Love those eyes, she looks like she just did something bad and is wondering if anyone noticed :)

I found these three recently while Thrifting. I am not a duck person, But this little girl is staying with me !!! I LOVE her :)

The blue one is a gift for a sweet friend, if I ever get my B*tt in gear and send it to her. I have plans for it :)

These are my Chihuahua's dinner bowls. The one on the left is Baby's. :) She is mommies little Angel :) The other one I found recently for Jake. I know, I shouldnt give him a Pink Roses bowl. Mostly as my Hubby will divorce me, lol !! That is Hubby's little Buddy and Refuge against all of the Fluff in out home. Gosh, now I have Fluffed his dog........................Hee Hee !!! :)
But Jakie LOVES his new bowl, he is SO proud that he has such a nice bowl like Baby :) I DID offer him his old plastic bowl, and he wont go near it :) Poor Daddy :) lol !! :)

Well, that is my Pink Saturday !! I hope that yours is wonderful !! I am sure most of you will be out today enjoying spring :) Have a Wonderful, Beautiful Pink Saturday !! :) And Thank you So Much Beverly !! :)




debi @ life in my studio said...

So many pretty things!! Love your just looks like spring!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Your tree is fabulous, Rhea!! I still drool over your mom's sweet ornies for you! The Easter chicks are soo cute, too. Your little baby planters are terrific! Hope you are doing well!

Happy PS Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Vintage To Chic said...

good morning Rhea, you have the best luck with finding wonderful treasures where you live, beautiful tree, I am having a give away so be sure you came by and sign up

Connie said...

Fluff away, sweetpea!! If Love Bunny can live in a "PINK HOUSE"(!) your hubby can endure a beautiful bowl for "HIS" puppy!! LOL Happy PS my friend,

Heather said...

very pretty things. love the tree. those tags are super cute and i love the little dolly!

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Very pretty pink post!

~ Gabriela ~

Light and Voices said...

Happy first day of Spring! Those eyes on that doll is something else. She was a bad girl.

Mimi said...

I just ♥ what you've shared this week. Pink Saturday is like candy for me...just can't get enough!

You are sending your goodies to me, aren't you? I'll be waiting for the UPS dude by the front door ☺

Dru said...

Beautiful bowls and love your tags and tree. Happy Pink Saturday

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Pink Saturday and have a great first weekend of Spring ~ Susan

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Rhea, you have posted so many beautiful things today. I love your Easter decor! Oh, and the duck! I used to have pet ducks;(Harpo and Groucho and Bob and Bing)two different sets of them. I loved them so much. Unfortunately, they all fell pray to racoons. Very tragic, but I still smile when I think of how sweet they were.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

I loved all of your pictures. Your Easter decor is gorgeous! I love the duck! Ducks are very special to me. I used to have two different sets of pet ducks. (Harpo and Groucho and Bob and Bing) I love them so much and unfortunately, they all fell prey to racoons! So sad, but I just love to put out ducks at Easter! Thank you for sharing your great treasures. Oh... and the dog bowls are perfect!

Amy said...

OMGosh.. I am in love with that tree! Very pretty post!

TattingChic said...

Those tags are too cute! I can see why you used them as ornaments! They look perfect on your cute little tree! :)

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Rhea, I love your tree! It is simply adorable. The tags are sweet too. You did a lovely job and thank you for sharing it with us. Enjoy your weekend.


Joy said...

So many sweet and colorful pretties you have! Love the tree.

Annette said...

WOW - your tree is the cutest thing I have ever seen for Easter, it is so adorable!!!! I love all the pastel colors and tags look really great on it! Thank you so much for promoting my store and your sweet words, you are a treasure! What lucky little puppies to have such pretty bowls to eat from! I'm going to link to your blog if you don't mind on my next post which will be in the next few days so I can share your beautiful blog with others! Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi Rhea!!
Those tags are very pretty and look wonderful on your Easter tree along with all of the other decorations:)
It's always fun to see your treasures.
Happy Pink Saturday to you.

KatCollects said...

Your Easter tree is so sweet, and I love the doggy bowls : ) Happy Pink Saturday.

The Rose Room said...

Your Easter tree is gorgeous! Rachaelxo

vickie said...

Oh I love this post, Rhea. The tree is beautiful, those tags are beautiful! My little "Margarita" chihuahua has a little rose bowl too! Very similar. She doesn't like plastic either! hope this finds you feeing well, love and hugs, vickie

HiHo said...

makes me want Easter to be next week! so sweet
happy pink

Teacup Mosaics said...

Hi I have missed visiting your blog is always so delightful. Beautiful as always, Happy PS!

Claudia said...

Wonderful pink things! Happy PInk Saturday!

Beverly said...

Rhea, those tags are fantastic. And, your tree looks so pretty.

You made me giggle about the dog bowls. Too cute.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Margie said...

I LOVE everything! But my favorite is the doll! She is really adorable.

Hmmmmm, I wonder what my McDuff would do with such a pretty and fancy food dish as that? I don't think he'd even notice, he is SO intent on inhaling his food! Tee hee!

I always LOVE to visit your blog, it makes me smile!

Have a lovely weekend!
Margie :)

Patricia said...

Your Easter decor is just beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday! Hope you have a wonderful new week.

imjacobsmom said...

Those tags were the perfect addition to your tree! It's funny how Jake like's his new bowl best. Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Robyn

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

happy PS! you got so many pretty pink easter pretties! love it all. have a good weekend!

Lori said...

what a sweet post Rhea...your Easter decorations are really cute...LOVE the boopsie doll, she is adorable...those tags are awesome!!!

someplace in thyme said...

Hi sweet Rhea, it's good to see you and I am happy to be posting to you. You have been on my mind lately, I hope that's a good thing and life is treating you well. Your post is ever so cute and your Easter goodies are beautiful, I can't decide what I like best. You found some lovely things on your hunts and I don't blame you for wanting to keep them. Sometimes something just catches your eye and you can't give it up. Happy Pink Saturday and be well, Char
I am off to etsy to look for Paper Bistro, thanks for the tip

Vee said...

I love all of your pretty things, they are so cheerful and make me smile as I scroll through and browse. Those tags are just too cute!

Happy weekend Rhea

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Those little tags are adorable!! And your tree and all of your other Easter goodies look so sweet and beautiful!!

Deanna said...

What a plethora of pretty pinkness! I love your nursery planters!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday!
Deanna :D

CC said...

So many wonderful things to see..your blog is simply beautiful, and I so enjoy visiting here. Happy late Pink Saturday..sorry I'm a day late.

Anonymous said...

Love your Easter decorations! They are all so pretty and cute. The trees, tags, ducklings, and my face little Miss Boopsie. I wonder what mischief she's done :-)

rosabeer said...

So Many pretty things.
Very pretty pink post.

Lib said...

Hi Miss Rhea,
Love all your Sweet Treasures!
Hope you're feeling better!
Happy Spring!
Have a great wk.

Michele said...

Oh Rhea ~ you found such awesome things...I love the little bowls for the pups! Your tree is looking mighty creative you are!


Becky said...

I loved your pink Saturday post. The tree with the egg ornaments were precious.
Happy Spring

Tammie said...

What a beautiful tree! I literally gasped when I saw springy and elegant. I found you through an e-friendship with Annette. Love her tags on your tree!

Liz said...

That tree is spectacular! I need to get my Easter stuff out!


Charlene said...

I found youwn's & it is so cute. I love your tags for your tree. And you cookie banner is wonderful. Your cup cakes are much better than mine. I think I need to practice.

Lee Laurie said...

Your spring tree is so beautiful! I love the baby planters too. I haven't started my Easter decorating as of yet. Maybe tomorrow I can get it all out. I love the little bowls that you have for Baby and Jake. That is so sweet.

Have a great day and come visit me sometimes!

Lee Laurie

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Rhea... hope you are feeling ok. I love your sweet easter tree. The dog bowls are SOOOOO cute!! I just might have to do something for my little jada like that. What a great idea! the plastic ones are so ugly.

have a great week! xo Heather

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

hi Rhea, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you are doing good..very cute Easter lovelies! I am working on a Christian card for Resurrection Sunday... I will be listing it soon. :)

Joy said...

Those indeed do not look like tags as much as they look like darling ornaments!

Anonymous said...

Adore your spring pics Miss Rhea!
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Sandy Michelle said...

Eeek I love all your Easter decor!I collect vintage planters and I love your goose! I missed so much! Your dolls holding a cake are so sweet!

Sandy xox

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello sweet Rhea!

Hope you are well today. thank you for sharing these adorable things with us. I had to have some of those gift tags after I saw yours.
I got them today, and they are just darling! I was squeeling with delight. They are just beautifully made. I certainly am going to go back for more! Have a great weekend!

Debbie from NJ

Lisa said...

Oh Your Pink is so Lovely! I just love all your pics! Isn't Easter Fun! Happy Pink Saturday!

Hugs, Lisa