Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Romantic Homes stuff

Well, it is already Wednesday !!! Gosh, this week is going fast !! I FINALLY got my own copy of Romantic homes, and Yep, sweet Cathy had a few of my things I made her in there !! Yippeee !! That is SO exciting !!! We were partners in a Christmas Stocking swap last year. I made her a Pink Glitter house. I LOVE these. I made this pattern from a 1930's vintage Mica Putz house. And have sold a bunch of them. I purposely left them kind of plain, so that people could embellish them to their own tastes, or add to boxes. I have a set right now on Etsy. :)
I also made her this sweet little box. ( The one in the left corner )
Here is a close up.......................................................................
I LOVED that little box !! I made a few more last year to sell, as people asked for them, and then lost the graphic when my Hubby changed computers for me last summer. So, they were one of a kinds !!Well, I had a Birthday last Saturday. 43, Yuck !!! lol !! When did I get middle aged ?? lol !! Seems like yesterday, when I was dyeing my hair pink, spiking it up, dancing to " Come on Eileen" and said "Rad" all the time. I guess this is progress !! lol !!

My sweet mom bought me a vintage lamp for my birthday. She seems to understand this obsession I have with them. She doesn't even wonder where I will put it. I have at last count, 18, and USE all of them. :) Isn't this a beauty ?? I need to tone down the shiny gold, but the pretty painted glass and marble is SO sweet and I love this one. :) The shade is perfect too !!! Usually they are torn or stained and this fabric shade is in mint condition.

Well, that is all of my Hump Day stuff :) I postponed the Sleep Study I was supposed to go do till next week. There would have been NO way I could have slept there last night, election eve. lol !! I am feeling really good this week. Just tired, but very little pain :) So Praise for that !! :)

This friday is another First Friday's Selling event, so be sure and stop by. There have been a few new sellers that have joined, so this will be another Fun day !!




Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Rhea - Those boxes are so cute! I'd love to have one of them! It's a shame you lost the graphic.

I hope your birthday was FANTASTIC becuase you certainly are! 43 is NOT old!

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Rhea, I hope your birthday was a happy one. I saw 43 a while ago and it just seems like yesterday! I love the boxes, they are beautiful. I also bought the Romantic Homes magazine just to read the article (and to save it), I can't throw good magazines away, I save them all and reread a hundred times. It was a very good article, you should be the next person that they spotlight!

Connie said...

Rheaaaaaaa, I thought you just turned 40, chick!! Coulda fooled me. ;-) I think Sharon is right; you need to make more of those adorable boxes. That one is gorgeous!


Happy Belated Birthday Rhea!!!
Your house are darling as well as the little boxes and how fun to see them in the magazine:) I'm OLDER than you...and I feel 43!! Pretty lamp your mom bought you.

GardenGoose said...

cute boxes and houses.
hope you had a good birthday. hope you have a lovely weekend.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Rhea! I got a copy of RH just because your goodies are in it!! You are famous! :0)

What a pretty lamp your mother gave you for bday! Such sweet florals on it, too, & I adore the shade. 18 lamps!!??!! You lucky girl! Hope you will share more of them soon with us.

I've got my writeups all ready for FF. Just hoping for a good sunshine-y day to make my pics tomorrow. I've got some sweet goodies that I decided to offer.

So glad that you have had a great, painfree day! Tell everyone in the chats hi for me & I'll get in there soon as FF & my round robin pages are finished ~ that'll be my reward, coming in to talk to all of you!!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

TattingChic said...

What beautiful little sparkly houses and the box is so victorian and sweet looking!

Lori said...

Rhea, i will be following you to 43 in two months...i didn't realize that was middle aged, now i am depressed...hee hee...congrats on having your pretty creations published in Romantic Homes!!! your little houses are really sweet:)

Renna said...

Everything is beautiful! Your mom has a good eye. I'm coveting that lamp! ;-)

I hope you feel better and are all well, soon.

Joy said...

It's so cool that your mom knows you so well that her gifts are so personalized.

p.s. I'll be 42 in March and I still listen to Come on Eileen. ;o)

cottage remnant said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday!!!!
I turned 43 in Februrary of this year, one of the good things about turning 43 is that I keep forgetting how old I am LOL....
and it is now my oldest daughter that is dying her hair P!NK.....


Debbie from NJ said...

Hello Rhea,

Oh my look at all of this pink sweetness. I have to go and get my copy of that magazine. those little houses are darling, and I love that new lamp. Happy belated birthday sweetie, and wishing you many more. Glad you are feeling good.

Debbie xo

Lee Laurie said...

Hi Rhea,
I bought the RH magazine too. I do every month but this month is was extra exciting to see your things and Cathy's house. I love this magazine and I love the houses and boxes that you made! So beautiful! Also, the lamp that your mom bought you for your birthday is so soft and pretty. Happy late birthday! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. Please come to visit sometimes.
Hugs,Lee Laurie

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Pretty little box and that lamp is great! Glad your mom spoiled you.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Rhea; Your boxes are very sweet and pretty. Happy late Birthday to you.. I remember when I was 43, at least I think I do. ha ha I still have not found the new RH yet for some reason it is hard to find here. So not happy about that.
Have a great day tomorrow....


Ps I love the lamp so chic