Friday, February 1, 2008

Egg vases and Swap pictures

I received my Valentine swap from my friend Shirl . Oh My Gosh !! She really spoiled me !! Look at this !! She made me two , very sweet hearts, a Victorian cracker, a beautiful card, and the piece de la resistance' this YUMMY hand ribbon embroidered pillow !! Wow, am I spoiled or what ?? She hand did the basket of flowers, complete with a metal basket and tiny seed beads. I am in love with this pillow !! She also added lavender to each piece, so it smelled as yummy as it looked !! :) Thanks Shirl !! She has just started blogging and will be selling her pretties eventually, so I will share the link when I get one. :)

Still obsessing over these bottles. :) The tiny blue one was my great Aunt's, as well as the tiny pink one underneath this picture. I wanted to have them out to enjoy, instead of packed away. So, I added vintage perfume labels, and some old millinery. I am loving them now !! :) The little pink one has a few rhinestones and glitter as well. :) Amazing what a little foof can do. :) The blue lily of the valley was an old Listerine bottle.
These are my latest obsession, and newest collectible. I LOVE these sweet egg vases !! Mostly made by Inarco, and Enesco these hail from the 50's and 60's. I just love the soft pastel hues, so incredibly ME. lol So fresh and spring like !! They make me happy. :)
Well, Not much else going on. Rather a quiet week. I will do the Blog Giveaway results on Sunday, so if you haven't left a post on the last one, please do so !!! Hugs,


Connie said...

Just beautiful, gorgeous one! You are spoiled; ain't it fun?!?! Hah.

The Rose Room said...

Lovely swaps gifts, lovely bottles and lovely egg cups. All just lovely:) Rachael

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Everything is beautiful Rhea! Shril is so talented! I love it all. The bottles and apothecary jars are just perfect! And those egg cups are darlong :)

Love you,

celestina marie said...

Rhea, love your beautiful treasures from Shirl. She knew just what to make you. The egg vases/cups are simply gorgeous.

La Rea Rose

Hope said...

What a talented friend you have and so generous too!! I love it all but that ribbon embroidery really catches my eye. I've always wanted to try that but just never got around to it.

I love what you did with the bottles. Where do you get the vintage looking labels??

Have a great weekend!


Bertie said...

Oh Rhea! I've never seen those egg cups before. So cute. What do you put in them?

Shirl's gifts are beautiful and it looks like she knows exactly what you like!

Aunt May's Cottage

Secondhandrose said...

I quess I never really noticed egg cups before?! I'll have to keep an eye out for them...for you I

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what gorgeous gifts in the swap.
Love your latest collection.

Monica said...

What pretties you received and I am loving those egg vases!
Thanks for sharing :)

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Shirls swap package to you is incredible. I'm in love with your egg cups....

LW said...

Wonderful swap gifts and I adore that pillow...lovely.

Sweet little bottles, they look very nice.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh your swaps are sooo sweet!! My fave are the precious egg cups!
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Priscilla said...

Hi I am new to your blog and wanted to say I have loved viewing your post! What a lovely embroidered pillow, so many pretty things, the little eggs cups are very sweet......

Thank you

Prisiclla x

Bristol said...

Love your blog, it is wonderful. You are very talented. Thanks for purchasing the chicks. Have a wonderful weekend.
Bristol said...

What a peaceful, pretty posting!

I saw the garland you sent to Beth, how cool! And so nice of you.

Stephanie said...

Rhea, Shirl's presents are just immaculately beautiful! I've NEVER seen such a pretty ribbon work pillow before ~ WoW! You do know how pretty that one would be with my new sofa, don'tcha???

You are a very deserving receipiant, & I'm very glad she spoiled you so much. And yes, I will adopt you & your two cute doggies! Rose & Sis would love them! :0)

Your new obsession is just adorable. I haven't seen those type little egg vases before. Very pretty!

I miss you girls!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

linnea-maria said...

How gorgeous presents did'nt you get!! I'm stunned over that little basket with roses and ribbons.
The egg vases are so pretty! Have a lovely week /linnea-maria

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Rhea!!! Those bottles are positively exquisite!!!

Debbie from NJ said...


Love your little egg vases. Such sweet gifts you received from your swap. Love the little vintage bottle. How do you get the label from on-line? thanks!