Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Treasure Box

I was wide awake last night, and this morning. Well, to be exact, I was UP till this morning. lol. 5 am to be exact. Wired, and painting and crafting. Ever have that happen ? You are so excited about what you are working on, you just cant stop. I painted a pretty tray for eBay, and a book for Etsy, and made this sweet little box. I am enjoying making these Treasure Boxes. They have that lived on, loved on look. Like each item was collected over time, something tiny, just too sweet to throw out. My Great Aunt Rozzie had a box like that. I should dig it out and post pictures. It was just a plain old box, and she wrote Rosalie's Box on the side, in pencil. Inside there were snips of this and that. I found a stack of old love letters from her first Husband that died of Pneumonia in the 1920's. There was about a years worth as he was traveling through Texas and Louisiana working on oil rigs. He was courting her and she was playing a bit hard to get. I curled up in the chair one day and 7 hours flew by, as I read each letter. Then they abruptly stopped, and I guess that's when he must have come back home and married her. Anyhow. I don't really have a box like that, just stuff crammed into every drawer, nook and cranny. lol. I think I need to make a box, with all my little snips of this and that, and throw in a love letter or two, so that years from now, long after I am gone, someone will curl up in a chair, and lose themselves for a few hours, and be filled with a million questions.*smiles*


Sharon - Sweet Victorian Rose said...

Love this new treasure box. Thank you for sharing the story about your Aunt Rozzi.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Rhea, I love this post! I need a box like that too! I have every drawer stuffed with things I just can part with, even love letters!

Your new box is so prety! Just like everything you do :)


Reflections from the Stone Nest said...


I just love the box and the story about Great Aunt Rozzie. We gather inspiration from everywhere, don't we? You've done such a beautiful job. Love it...


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Rhea! What a great story!!! I am such a lush for this kindof What a sweet thing to have from your aunt... I would love to make a BOX too. Your's is so stunning!

I have often stayed up so late working on something that I am excited about... if I go to sleep I will just dream about it Last night I had a dream of ruffled cones... look for them soon!! I got up and drew up a little picture from my dream so that I would remember. lol

Have a great day! Heather

Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven said...

I have a years worth of letters from my husband saved from me! It is in a regular old box that is quite tacky. Your box is beautiful. I just love it when you add a little painting to your mixed media creations. It makes it even more lovely.

vickie said...

Rhea, these treasure boxes are so awesome. Love all the things you put in them, and that story about Great Aunt Rozzie, how wonderful.
Hope you are feeling better!
Visual Vickie

Charmingdesigns said...

I just found you. Love your box. Isnt Tole painting still fun. I started back in the late 70's and am still teaching it. Love your blog! Laurie

Anonymous said...

hello! i just looked at your etsy shop today! wonderful work! I love your birdhouses!!! And that treasure box is so neat!!

Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven said...

Rhea, my tag arrived today and it is just beautiful. Even lovlier in person. You have a gift for the little special details. Thank you so much. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Just had to say how much I love your pages. I loved reading it. I am a new-to-the-blogger world blogger. I'm just getting out there, but have admired so many blogs for a while. I too am a Christian stay at home mom, but with only two boys I'm practically part time compared to you. I design baby tees and a few of them have scripture on them. You can see my store link on my blog site.

Had to ask: how are your doggies? I just lost my dear Wolfhound suddenly and we are thinking of a teensy tiny one.
Warm wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhea,
Thanks so much for visiting my new blog ~ it's lovely to meet you!!

I am in love with your new treasure's so pretty! You have done such a fantastic job with it!!

Catch up with you again soon.
Kathy :)

Stephanie said...

Wonderful story about your Aunt. Everyone needs a special lovely box just like this for the snippets of their life!!

Angelic Accents

Dolly said...

Awww I love that story!
And I looooooove that sweet treasure box!

I think every girl needs a pretty lil box to keep her treasures and old love letters in!

Luvs ya, Dolly