Thursday, July 12, 2007

Southern Belle

I have always wanted to be a Southern Belle. I love the South !! Sweet , Lazy Summer Picnics, Green, Green Everywhere ! Living in the desert , our summers are a time of hybernation. How I long to plant pretty flowers , and just be outside. Years ago I lived in Louisianna, De Ridder to be exact. If you sneezed, you were all ready through the town. I ended up in the hospital for a few days ( minor virus ) and the lady in the next bed had " Gentleman Callers " She had to fix her hair and makeup for each of these " My suitors " as she called them. One by one a steady stream of gentlemen would come into our room bearing flowers or candy, removing their hats, and Calling on this 72 year old lady ( who , by the third day in there, I decided , couldn't possibly be sick ) . Wow, what a little coquette she was !! See, I figure , If I had grown up in the South, I would have this charm as well. My Husband laughs when I try and be Coquettish, batting my eyelashes and such. He says, Honey, hurry up, and lets watch the Hockey game. ( Way to Go Ducks !! ) So, since I cant help being a tomboy, I surround myself with beautiful , feminine things, like my collection of embroidery. I sort of balance myself out. lol.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Rhea! I love the vintage southern belles! I would love to have a collection like yours, they are so beautiful! And I am exactly like you about southern women. I have always felt that way too.


thevintageboquet said...

Hello Ms. Rhea..DeRidder is where my husband graduated high school in 1971..We live in Alexandria now tho..small love your Southern you embroider?
The hubley doorstops are cool..I have a small collection of those too..we have similiar taste..Thanks for sharing ..deb

Miss Rhea said...

Yes, I do embroider, though not as often as I would like ! It is indeed a small world. I loved living in the South !!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Rhea, I love love your southern belles!! That is so funny about your hubby and the hockey game story.. lol. I always wanted to be a southern belle too!!


vickie said...

Rhea, the vintage belles are beautiful. In Savannah I purchased a gorgeous set of cups and saucers with a "southern belle"
on the design. I'll post later on my blog. The are very hard to find. You have a treasure!

Stephanie said...

Rhea, I just love your Southern Belles!! What a wonderful collection you have amassed! You look like you could easily fit into our Southern beauties category!!

Angelic Accents

Secondhandrose said...

Rhea, I love your collection. They all look so pristine! Lucky girl.

Ele said...

What a great story. I LOVE southern belle embroidery. It is so beautiful!

Sharon - Sweet Victorian Rose said...

How could we think of you as a "Tomboy" when you create such delicate and feminine works of art? Weather it's your sewing, painting or crafting you are calling on your true "Southern Belle Heart" for inspiration.

Kari said...

My family is from the south...that's where I pretty much raised my children until 2 years ago. I'm glad to be closer to the "land of my birth" - I'm an Okie! - but I do miss the wonderful manners of the south. Not that people here in Texas don't have manners - quite the opposite. But in the south - all the women are called Miss Debbie or Miss Linda or Miss whatever their first name is and the men are Mr. Donny or Mr. Andrew or whatever. And yes ma'am, no ma'am, yessir, no just didn't see or hear many kids who didn't automatically say those words. Best part of raising my kids there! But I ramble, don't I? So I'll just stop now. By the way, love your blog!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...


I just love your linens. They are wonderful. It takes awhile to collect as many as you have. That batting of the eyelashes doesn't work for me either! lol


Deborah said...

I love your collection of embroideried southern belles!